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​​I love photography and home design. I've been a photographer since I was seven years old, and I've had a camera of one type or another in my hands for most of my life. I started getting paid for taking pictures when my Dad asked me to take a few shots at one of his clients' restaurants when I was thirteen. That led to a lot of restaurant and hotel shoots. Many of my pictures ended up accompanying stories and ads for those restaurants and hotels. That turned into a press pass from Club and Sports Magazine at fifteen. In High School, I was the photo editor of the school paper and the yearbook.


​Also, while in High School, my journalism instructor submitted my name for a specialized course at KLCS-TV. About 200 students applied for the 8 openings in the class. We went through entrance tests and oral examinations. I was lucky to get in and study motion picture filmmaking. The class produced a student-run newscast each week that aired on Channel 58. Right after High School, I worked at KTTV-TV and trained as an assistant broadcast director. The following year, I moved to KTLA-TV and, shortly after, was assigned to my dream job on a news crew covering Los Angeles and big stories around the world. Over the years, I worked my way up to Chief Cameraman and then Supervisor of News Technical Operations, earning many industry awards along the way, including Emmy's, Golden Mics, AP, UPI, and from the Los Angeles Press Club. Next, I moved into management and was first an Assistant News Director at KCOP-TV and was responsible for building their new news facility and studio. Next, ABC News called, and I accepted a job as their Technical Manager for their Western News Bureaus, and again found myself traveling all over the country and the world for months at a time. Finally, I left ABC News and accepted a job back at KTLA as their Assistant News Director and Interim Executive Producer for the KTLA Morning News. A couple of years later, I was recruited by Clear Channel Television to take on the big chair in charge of news as their first News Director in Minneapolis at WFTC-TV. When Clear Channel sold the station to FOX Television about a year later, I was moved to their Salt Lake City Station, KTVX-TV. When Clear Channel sold off the entire TV group, I moved back to Southern California and took a job as news director at KMIR-TV and, lastly, as news director XETV-TV in San Diego.


After TV News, I decided to return to my photography roots. I also have always had a love of architecture, mainly residential homes. I got to design my parent's kitchen layout when they remodeled their home while I was still in junior high, and I remodeled several of my homes over the years. Plus, the many news facilities and broadcast studios I designed. So I combined those two loves and started Waterman Multimedia. By the way, Waterman is one of my middle names. Every home has a story, and I'm uniquely qualified to tell those stories; I bring an extra level to my photography that I believe no one else can match.


In addition to my work in TV News and Photography, I've been teaching journalism students at UCLA Extension. I was asked to create and teach an Electronic News Gathering workshop in the '90s, and I now teach TV Reporting and Production and Media Law and Ethics. I've been lucky to be able to work in industries that allow me to follow my passions; life is good!

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